My Sexy Videos and Video Clips

Hey all. Have to drop reference to clip site and any advertising so that my blog can stay active. I having fun and hope you guys enjoy the photos. I will keep posting. Send me emails if you want to see more :)



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adding New Content Weekly !!!!

Now over 2,500 exclusive pictures of me posing, having sex, and having fun in pantyhose, stockings, and totally nude.

I'm not Shy!!!! check it out for yourself

I'm posting new sets and new videos each week. I'm really liking the live action video stuff and doing more and more HD video.

Members requests are the most fun. Makes me feel like you are watching me while I'm posing or playing.

Keep the requests and comments cumming :)

Luv Tracy

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sorry ! Sorry ! Sorry ! Shame on me for not keeping you guys up :)

I've been a very busy girl, but that is not good excuse for not staying in touch with you guys here. I've been traveling and taking care of family stuff. Plus I've been interviewing for new jobs. Economy is hitting everyone :( I maybe need a second job. Boyfriend wants I work at HOOTERS !!!!

I have been taking lots of pictures and videos though :) Lots of updates cumming to my site over the next few weeks. Below are some sample pics of a few sets. I also have some really hot video shot after I had too much to drink one night out with friends. We came home and I wanted to be taped being a little tipsy and doing lot's of "stuff". Hope you guys like the video and pictures.

took these outside my office. I think one or two of my bosses may have been in the building. pretty hot to think they were maybe watching me. they ask me all the time about going for drinks or whatever. they are fun, but not cute enough

I was feeling sexy and
really wanted a cigarette
you have to see the video that goes with the white stockings set. REALLY HOT !!
luv you guys