My Sexy Videos and Video Clips

Hey all. Have to drop reference to clip site and any advertising so that my blog can stay active. I having fun and hope you guys enjoy the photos. I will keep posting. Send me emails if you want to see more :)



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Considering Some Options

Hi Guys (and girls)

I've been in a pretty sexy and horny mood lately. Maybe because the weather not too hot. I want to take pictures everyday !!!! Boyfriend is busy (and VERY Happy). I've added two new sets this week and want to add two more this week. Here are a couple of preview pics from my latest set that should be up soon. You have to see the last few pics if you like pantyhose, feet, and special endings :)

Boyfriend keep telling me that I should post some pictures with two guys. What do you think? I like to be with two guys, but haven't taken pictures or video with two guys yet.



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sorry for not keeping up !!

it's been crazy busy with my vacation, getting new content added to the site, and responding to all the new member requests and posts on the various sites that preview my pictures !!! I've added three new photo sets and one really hot video since I returned. Over 2,000 pics now Wow! shooting for 20,000 some day :)

I made some special orders and some plans to do some stuff requested by members. I can't wait. stay tuned